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Patient-Centered Care

At Smile Revolution, we are dedicated to delivering individualized care to ensure lifelong dental well-being. Our exceptional team consisting of office staff, hygienists, and Dr. Brad Winn, our skilled dentist, employs cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to create stunning and distinct smiles. Whether you need regular cleanings or a complete smile transformation, our team uniquely customizes our services to cater to your specific dental requirements.

Situated in the prime location of Chattanooga, TN, our dental office offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments, including implant-supported dentures and full-mouth dental implants. We recognize that each smile is unique, and our dentist and team are fully committed to providing personalized care for every patient!

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Smile Revolution in Chattanooga, TN, is a trusted dental office committed to delivering exceptional and personalized dental care to all patients. We offer a wide range of comprehensive dental services and pride ourselves on crafting customized smiles with ultimate precision. Here, we believe in providing respectful, honest, and tailored care to each patient. We prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction above all else. Our dental office boasts a comfortable, relaxing, and modern environment that will make you feel right at home during your visit. We also understand that dental health should be accessible to everyone, which is why we have partnered with leading dental financing companies. Through these partnerships, we aim to provide affordable care to all our patients. At Smile Revolution, you will not only receive the highest quality dental care from a knowledgeable and experienced dentist but also be welcomed into our warm and inviting environment, where you come as a patient and leave as family.

Dr. Winn, our dedicated dentist, is committed to continuous education and staying up to date with the latest dental technology to achieve the best possible outcomes. Even with his devotion to providing exceptional care, it’s his passion for surgery that sets him apart. As Dr. Winn puts it, “Surgery dentistry is much more rewarding for my patients and me and is another way to grow in dentistry.” With his extensive experience and expertise in the dental field, you can trust you’re in good hands with Dr. Winn and our team.

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Technology Driven Smiles

At Smile Revolution, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art dental technology in our dental office to provide our patients with the highest level of care. Our advanced equipment includes an in-house milling machine that enables our dentist, Dr. Winn, to create precise and custom-made dental restorations quickly, ensuring a perfect fit for each patient. Our CBCT scanner allows us to obtain highly detailed 3D images of your teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures, enabling accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. With our CEREC system, we can design and fabricate dental crowns, veneers, and onlays right in our office, saving you time and delivering exceptional results. The iCam allows us to capture high-resolution digital impressions, eliminating the need for messy traditional molds. We also have a 3D printer and Asiga printer that enables us to produce precise surgical guides and models, enhancing the precision and efficiency of various dental procedures. With our advanced dental technology, we are committed to delivering exceptional results and providing our patients with the best possible dental experience.